Tuesday, November 17, 2009


What can i say... is it a dream? or is it somethin REAL?

Did it really happen? Did it after 3 years of waiting? Did it for real?!

i can't believe it... BUT it was worth the wait ;) we waited, and waited, and waited... and now... it's our turn.. our time to shine :D

Here's my story (mu5ta9ar)

3 years ago...

i came back from school, changed into my pj's, ate lunch, and came up to my computer.. i signed in online as i surfed the net.. the small messenger sign in box appeared at the right corner, "HIM" signed in.. my heart skipped ten beats

HIM: hiiiiiiiiiiii

ME: hiii:)

HIM: hw ru?

ME: b5air u?

HIM: b5air daamich ib5aair ;)

*blushing* we continued chatting for another hour...

1 year later...we're in a relationship, and then one day..

"HIM" signed in

HIM: hiii baby

ME: hiiii :$ *blushing*

HIM: u knw i want to marry u right

ME: hehe um 9ij

HIM: ee 9ij, i'm going to marry u one day and u're going to be MY wife

ME: heheh umm i don't know what to say...

HIM: do u agree? yal gomar inty..

ME: yes i do :p

HIM: then as from now on u're my wife

2 years later we got engaged :) this is how it went...


ME: alooooooooooooo

HIM: halla ba3ad 3ommmry b3d gallllby b3d ahaaaly kilehom

ME: hehehe halla ib 7abeeb galby

HIM: shlonach 7abeebty?

ME: ib5aair, how's work?

HIM: umm ok.. just waiting for something

ME: what?

HIM: u'll see

ME: plzzzzzzz plzz plzz gooly

HIM: mafee amal hahahaah aya 3laich

ME: yalla 3aaaad 7abeeby plzzz gooooooool *heart racing*

HIM: sorry babe i have to go... ba7acheech b3dain byee i love u

ME: i love u too... bye *frowning*

2 hours later...

as i was having my lunch....

Mother: alooo ahlain.... halla walla... ee... ee...e... walla tefaaja2t oo 9aar il 9ij... hahaha ya7laailaa.. ummm bachoof ubooha oo ba36eech il5abar bacher... zain ok... hahaha.. e7na ily netsharaf...ha?.....milcha?....haahah ... eee bakalem ubooha warid 3alaich ok?... ok 3ayal... ma3 ilsalaama

i literally dropped my spoon and opend my eyes widely looking at my mother with my heart pounding...

ME: who? what??

Mother: u got engaged

i started screaming and jumping up and down min il far7aa :p ma 3eraft shasawy, and HIM on the other hand asked my little brother to capture this "moment" on video!!!!!
hahahah BOYS ....

*i might write my WHOLE story one day, like min il bedaaya bass ma3arf ;s u guys tell me if u wanna find out more or not :p LOVE U ALL :*

Friday, October 2, 2009

Why I Love You ;P

>>This one is for YOU ;)

- I love how when u're in a bad mood and grumpy and mitnarfiz, i could change ur mood

- I love the way u make me feel, just by being my significant other

- I love the way u laugh when ur watching a movie, u smile a BIG smile and ur nose crinkle

- I love when etdale3ny

- I love ur hair

- I love the way u love me

- I love just watching u by webcam and just watch u watching a movie

- I love when we joke with each other

- I love how et5aaf 3lay oo et'3aaar

- I love ur looks

- I love ur voice, it's soo hot it makes me melt, especially when u get up in the morning, it's just SO smooth and rough and SEXY !

- I love when u surprise me

- I love how u can make me stop crying just by being with me on the phone :(

- I love how u handle me when i'm pms-ing

- I love how u can't BARE it when i cry

- I love how tough and manly u are ;)

-I love that u're TALL :p (thank god hahah)

- I love that when we fight u can't sleep at night until we say "i love u" and make up

- I love how original u are

- I love ur nose and ur saksoooka and eyebrows and eyes and lips and HANDS :p i just wanna hold them :(

- I love how u miss me

- I love all what u do for me and what u're willing to sacrifice for me <3

- I love when u do the British Accent :p

- I love laughing with u, even though it's just over the phone :((((

* This list could go on forever! i can't wait to get married to u :D cuz i know i'm gona be happy and u're never goin to make me cry ;*
i love u soooooooooooo much ;$


Sunday, September 6, 2009

For you

well this is my 1st time doing this and i realy dnt knw what to say im just gna speak my mind and i hope u like it darling:p
im reading this book about body language its realy interesting i like to knw how ppl think SHE alwayz tries to knw how i think bout i dnt think she'll evr knw even when we get married.....
im having sm money prblemz these past few dayz i try to save but i cant thank god i got a bonus or i realy dnt think i could've .
i was having some big big problems with my little brother but after i fought with him 4 a month he came kissed me on the head nw we"r beter than ever we alwayz play ps3.
ooo shit im running out of wordz i knw ur smilling write nw u ..........................
that was my futer wife to be she alwayz likes these lovey duvy STufff im thinking about marrying her 10/10/2010 nice numberz haa i knw i like it too
ok gtg hun got a case
love u
ps this girl realy knwz hw to coook

Saturday, July 18, 2009

In Memory of Michael Jackson

"Let us dream of tomorrow where we can truly love from the soul, and know love as the ultimate truth at the heart of all creation. " -Micheal Jackson

The King of Pop

1958 - 2009

walla maskeen michael ;( he was such an amazing dancer and singer!

i'm still sad about him passing away :(((

during his last rehersal

i don't know what to say just that he was truly an icon

*MJ's official website:



u will never be forgotten :*

"his music will forever live..."


Friday, July 17, 2009

My Diary (26)

Maya's got so scared of that girl for some reason that she started shaking....
5aled took maya's hand and lead her away from Tahani...
"you bitch" Tahani mumbled as she passed by them....Maya heard her but acted as if she didn't hear anything but 5aled couldn't hold his anger... no one trashes his wife to be no one! so he turned to Tahani with a disgusted look on his face and said "sim3eeny inty! ta7amily etyeebeen 6aary murty 3la lsaanich faahma.. 9ibart 3laich wayed... e7tarmy nafsich 3shan il waa7id ye7tarmich inty KINTY 5a6eebty oo al7een 5alaa9 get over it!!" 5aled blurted as he put his arm around Maya's shoulder
"this is NOT it" Tahani yelled back as she went inside Mirai ...
'what was wrong with her that girl! it's over ! she's not the first one to end her engagement!' maya thought silently feeling a bit proud that 5aled fought for her.. it felt good somehow... but that girl didn't have the right to come and yell at them in public accusing maya herself for ending their engagement.... it was soo over! why can't she get that!
uuuuugggghhh this was starting to get frustrating...
"are u ok babe?" asked 5aled worried about maya
"yes baby i'm ok ... it's fine" maya replied back
maya rode her car and 5aled rode his
just as maya reversed her car to get out of the car park her phone rang..
"helo" she said without looking at the screen
"7abeeebty" 5aled's smooth voice made her tingle
"hahaha 5alood tawna 6al3een min il ma63am m3a ba3a'9!" maya smiled
"adry...bas i miss u "
"hahah i miss u 2"
"5alni6la3 for dinner tonight b3ad" 5aled suggesting
"may9eeeer 5alooody 3aad...tawna mit'3adyeeen... how about tomorrow night??"
5aled begged and begged so in the end they decided to go out for dinner...

After dinner was over, they drove around in 5aled's car at night... they had a nice time together..."i'll take u to some place" 5aled said..
"where baby? it' late.."
"it won't be a surprise if i tell u right" 5aled winked

they reached their destination .... he took her to his place for the first time... they got down maya feeling a bit nervous....and went inside the house
his house was very small in amwaj islands in bahrain, a lovely place with the beach and all....he lived in that house alone, it was a one floor house that faced the sea...it had a lovely view in the morning if u looked out the window...

she sat at the daily living room while he got her cold water to drink and a glass of pepsi for him...
"la7'9a aby araweej shay" 5aled said as he opend a small cupboard under the tv and pulled out an album..."ta3aaly choofy" he smiled
he sat close to her on the sofa and opend the album....
"hahahahahha" Maya laughed so hard at a picture she saw of him when he was a baby.."cuuuuuuuute"
"lati6anizain tara ma baraweeeeej" 5aled teased trying to close the album while maya tried to keep it open
"ok ok bass walla mabaaa'97ak!" maya held her laugh in
5aled looked at her... he gave her an 'are u sure' look and she nodded with a big smile on her face
5aled leaned in and kissed her soft rosey cheeck that turned cherry red after he kissed it...
he showed maya pics of him when he was a baby, a little boy, and a teenager and they both started laughing at some of his pics....
5aled couldn't figure out how he got so lucky... he leaned in softly, looked deep into her eyes and kissed her softly on her lips
maya didn't know what to do... she didn't know how to kiss... she just kept her lips open slightly and let him do all the work....he kissed and kissed and kissed her until he began gasping for air..and she the same...
he leaned away and looked at her, his eyes serious, his face with an expression she never saw before.......he wanted her... he wanted a taste of her.. he wanted to have her... after all, ohma malcheen so why not right? she counts as his wife now.. so why not......?
maya got a bit scared... she never imagined doing anything b4 her wedding night....
'so this is it?' maya thought to her self as he leaned in again to kiss her harder this time
'could tonight be the night .....??'
'he is my husband after all..... 'maya thought to herself...and now she began kissing him back....she liked what she was tasting and doing and she wanted more.. she wanted to experience more... so she let 5aled take a step further....he started opening her buttons and she started breathing harder becuz she was nervous and that only excited him more....

'could this be it?' Maya thought silently to herself wondering if it was a wise thing to do

love u all :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Heart Keeps On Smiling :**

This is a poem i wrote the other day out of boredom ;p

check it out



My heart keeps on smiling
when i hear your voice
it keeps on dancng
when i see ur face

my heart keeps on smiling
when i touch your hand
it keeps on dancing
when ur lips touch mine

ooh i can't describe the feelin
the feelin that i get when
my heart keeps on smiling
ooh ooh ooh ooh

the joy that i feel
could it be so real
the happiness that lingers
from my head to my fingers

i never imagined my heart could
keep on smiling for good

it's the extacy that u give me
like a drug inside of me

i never imagined my heart could
keep on smiling for good

my heart keeps on smiling
when i hear ur voice
it keeps n dancing
when i see ur face

my heart keeps on smiling
oooh ooh ooh ooh
my heart keeps on smiling
ooh ooh ooh ooh


My Diary (25)

The next day maya woke up with big round puffy eyes from all the crying the night before...
she flipped over and looked at her phone

1 messege received
maya 7abeebty, plz listen to me, yes i was married b4 a long time ago, but i swear he's not my son...he just thinks i'm his dad becuz his dad passed away so i married his mother out of pitty, which was the biggest mistake ever, but please maya u have to understand, plz call me back we have to meet.
i love u xx

Maya took a deep breath...'that was a long message...too much to process... i think i have to meet him' she thought to herself twisting and twirling in her comfy bed not feeling at all a bit comforted by the thoughs rushing in her mind...

she sent a messege to 5aled telling him when and where and she'd be there, he replied in less than a second, telling her to meet him at Mirai for lunch at 2 pm and they would discuss it there..

It was 12 pm when they sent each other the messege.. so they had 2 hours to get ready and be there....
this was the first morning Maya gets up without any missed calls or a nice flirty messege from 5aled, and the first morning 5aled doesn't get a call back from Maya as soon as she opens her eyes in the morning...

it felt wierd for both of them....
but like every relationship they're having their ups and downs Maya thought as she got out of bed, she had breakfast, milk tea and cereal in a bowl without milk and sat in her room watching tv...she didn't feel like sitting with her family cuz she didn't want them asking her what's wrong and she didn't want to answer any of their questions so shedecided to hide in her room...

Maya tried enjoying what was on tv but all she could think about was 5aled's situation...and how long it took him to hide something like this...and what if he had more dark secrets? what if he was a lier.. don't they say once a cheater always a cheater? doesn't this apply to his situation??
maya kept thinking and thinking her mind all over the place....

5aled at home sat with his family...although he was unusually quiet but no one noticed... his mind kept wandering about maya...flashbacks of the way she was crying the night before tore him apart...he couldn't stand seeing his love cry like that...all he wanted to do was put his arms around her and stroke her hair and calm her down...
thinking about holding her at that second made him wish they decided to meet earlier...
he was truly sorry about not telling her about his past before..all she knew was that he was engaged to Tahani before her...even Tahani didn't know about 5aled's previous marriage...

Maya thought, bahrain is so small she would've heard if something like that happend...or maybe they didn't do an actual wedding party? maybe maybe maybe kept maya thikning and wondering...
she looked at the clock next to her and jumped..when did it become 1:00pm! now she had only and hour left and she had to shower, change and everything.... so she showered quickly, washed her hair, got out of the bathroom in her robe towel... opend her cupbaord and decided on wearing a white knee length cotton day dress, her new silver flats that she got on sale from Dior, applied some light make up on although she didn't feel like dressing up at all but she had to look good in a public place...
at 2 sharp she was ready and left the house..

5aled was waiting for Maya on fire, he was there before 2.... he called maya asking her where she was she said she was a few minutes away...

Maya reached, and went in feeling nervous and scared... she went in, saw 5aled... her heart couldn't help beating faster whenever she saw him... and 5aled felt the same... he couldn't help smiling whenever he saw her

they sat, facing each other.... they were both quiet at first, ordered their drinks and then 5aled broke the ice..
"Maya... bagoolaj qe9ity min awal..." he began nervously
maya didn't say anything but it was clear she was dying to know
"5 years ago my best friend died suffering from cancer.. he had a wife and a baby boy..his son was less than a year old..before he died he made me promise that i would take care of his wife and son as if they were my own family.... his wife was devastated...and so was i... so we bacame close...close friends..then more than friends... " he said all in one breath
Maya listened carefully as she sipped her drink nervously
"i guess we became close becuz of the loss of the person we both loved dearly... i felt sorry for her more than i thought i liked her... and her son... he was so little... and called me daddy and that made me reach out to them more.. i was the only man in her son's life and whenever i saw him i saw his dad's eyes in front of me and remember the promise i made before he died... i wanted to take care of them ... and how could i spend so much time with them when i wasn't 7alaal 3la his wife..or shall i say.. my ex wife.. so melachna 3ashan en9eer 7alaal 3la ba3a'9 and so we did.. and so she began walking in front of me without her 7jaab, whenever she felt down she cuddled with me ... and so one thing led to another and we began.. u know...." 5aled continued
Maya felt she was gonna explode with jealousy... and so she kept sipping on her drink biting the straw hardly while listening to 5aled...
"but soon after that it was soo hard, things got complicated... whenever anything happend she accused me of her husband's death..and so on... so things got a bit out of control...
i guess it was her way of expressing her loss or grief... but it was something i couldn't handle soo i decided to drop out of it... and she agreed it was best to do so becuz whenever she saw me she remembered him alla yer7uma and never got over it... and so we got a divorce a year later...
i think she got married now anyway.. to her cousin or something.. i'm not sure.. but the last time i saw her was in court signing our divorce papers...
i never told u this becuz it was soo hard for me to tell u... and i couldn't do it over the phone.. i wanted to tell u face to face but there was never a right time.. everytime i see u i just wanna hold u and kiss u..." 5aled smiled a soft smile to her and she melted remembering the way she felt in his arms... "fa gooleely... mita agoolaj..."
Maya smiled back to him, a smile with so much meaning... a smile of relief...
she couldn't help but be proud of him for what he did.. taking care of his best friend's family.. that was heroic... but still she was jealous over the moon about him having slept with his ex wife.. althoug her heart did go out to her... she still felt jealous and 5aled knew that.. and he loved that about maya... it made him feel special and dearly loved...

Maya ate her food relaxed now and relieved about what 5aled told her... and the way he looked while saying all that confirmed to her that he had nothing else to hide.... he was a clean slate now...
soo little by little Maya lightened up and begane enjoying her time with 5aled...
5aled saw how maya forgave him.. he couldn't help but feel really lucky for falling in love with an angel ... to him she was his angel.. his gurdian angel...
he held out his hand and reached for hers and held her hand tightly on the table
he motioned with his lips " i love u" and she blushed and said " i love u too " ...

Maya and 5aled enjoyed the rest of their meal relieved for passing this stormy weather...

just as they were leaving maya spotted a familar face...
her heart stopped... her jaw dropped...
5aled turned to see who was Maya looking at....


hope u guys liked it...and sorry it took me so long :***