Tuesday, November 17, 2009


What can i say... is it a dream? or is it somethin REAL?

Did it really happen? Did it after 3 years of waiting? Did it for real?!

i can't believe it... BUT it was worth the wait ;) we waited, and waited, and waited... and now... it's our turn.. our time to shine :D

Here's my story (mu5ta9ar)

3 years ago...

i came back from school, changed into my pj's, ate lunch, and came up to my computer.. i signed in online as i surfed the net.. the small messenger sign in box appeared at the right corner, "HIM" signed in.. my heart skipped ten beats

HIM: hiiiiiiiiiiii

ME: hiii:)

HIM: hw ru?

ME: b5air u?

HIM: b5air daamich ib5aair ;)

*blushing* we continued chatting for another hour...

1 year later...we're in a relationship, and then one day..

"HIM" signed in

HIM: hiii baby

ME: hiiii :$ *blushing*

HIM: u knw i want to marry u right

ME: hehe um 9ij

HIM: ee 9ij, i'm going to marry u one day and u're going to be MY wife

ME: heheh umm i don't know what to say...

HIM: do u agree? yal gomar inty..

ME: yes i do :p

HIM: then as from now on u're my wife

2 years later we got engaged :) this is how it went...


ME: alooooooooooooo

HIM: halla ba3ad 3ommmry b3d gallllby b3d ahaaaly kilehom

ME: hehehe halla ib 7abeeb galby

HIM: shlonach 7abeebty?

ME: ib5aair, how's work?

HIM: umm ok.. just waiting for something

ME: what?

HIM: u'll see

ME: plzzzzzzz plzz plzz gooly

HIM: mafee amal hahahaah aya 3laich

ME: yalla 3aaaad 7abeeby plzzz gooooooool *heart racing*

HIM: sorry babe i have to go... ba7acheech b3dain byee i love u

ME: i love u too... bye *frowning*

2 hours later...

as i was having my lunch....

Mother: alooo ahlain.... halla walla... ee... ee...e... walla tefaaja2t oo 9aar il 9ij... hahaha ya7laailaa.. ummm bachoof ubooha oo ba36eech il5abar bacher... zain ok... hahaha.. e7na ily netsharaf...ha?.....milcha?....haahah ... eee bakalem ubooha warid 3alaich ok?... ok 3ayal... ma3 ilsalaama

i literally dropped my spoon and opend my eyes widely looking at my mother with my heart pounding...

ME: who? what??

Mother: u got engaged

i started screaming and jumping up and down min il far7aa :p ma 3eraft shasawy, and HIM on the other hand asked my little brother to capture this "moment" on video!!!!!
hahahah BOYS ....

*i might write my WHOLE story one day, like min il bedaaya bass ma3arf ;s u guys tell me if u wanna find out more or not :p LOVE U ALL :*


  1. what a coincidence.. just as u were writing this thinking about writing ur story.. ive already written the first part of mine.

    an as promised my message has been dilievered to u in getting notified. so i would love it if u wud check it out..

    and i really do think u should write ur story. but its not up to us, its up to u . so if u feel u wanna share it then share it. 3ala ra7tk.

    and i wanna thank u .. reading ur blog and how honest ur being with everything inspired me to write my story. so thank u .

    but even if u dont have anything in mind, still please try and update us with whats going on with you.

    i missed this blog! xx

  2. eeeeeeeeeeeeee pls write ...i miss ur posts wayedddddddddddd...write anything walla kil shai minich 7ilow bas writeeeeeeeee....wayed i miss u

  3. Loooooool.. boys are mean :Pp
    yeah.. I think writing ur story would be an excellent idea!

  4. Suzy Q.
    ur comment truly touched my heart... ur sweet words will never leave my mind :** i checked out ur blog already am LOVING it and left u a comment ;)
    i'm deffinetly considering writing my story, and i sure will update u all on whatever's going on with me ;*

    i missed u too walla! it's just that i've been soo busy with everything that's been going on lately :p BUT i won't ever stop writing, although it might take more time than i intend to :( luv ya! xoxo

    sure will ;) thanxx

    i'll keep that in mind ;*

    love u all ;** u are what keeps me going on writing about myself/my life


  5. 12 posts so far ive posted..
    and no comment from u ;/
    wenik ?
    im waiting for both ur comments and posts..
    do not keep us hanging like this ;(
    ur story so much resembles mine.. and i expecialy need to know more..

    wala enik wa7esha .. missed u ! ;**

  6. hi there, can you please translate it into pure english? i am unable to catch up some lines. you know what? I love my jaan alot. In hindi, jaan means life and for me, she is my life.
    I got her from orkut and after being 1 and a half year into relation, we are seperated. I don't know the reason. she says that my results got ruined only because of her. actually we used to speak all over the night even during my exams. I love her so much and she too loves me..even more than what i do..I miss her so much..its almost an year now of our seperation. I still wait for her sms/call every single night. god knows if its possible or not. lol I am crying right now..dont know why! tears are coming..cant stop them! damn jaan I miss you so much! I love you priyanka! I love you jaan! Your Ashu misses you a lot.

  7. Walla i miss ur blog just complete my love diary 5arfee ay shay naye7tay ey3awreen rasech bas bser3a pllllllzzzzzz la2na i have been eaiting for 6 MONTHSS so plz post at least a finalee :""""""""(

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